The Killing of Sister George

Artful Theatre Productions at The London Theatre Workshop

Directed by Scott Le Crass with Sarah Shelton, Briony Rawle, Janet Amsden and Sioned Jones

“…nothing could detract from Sioned Jones’ dynamic and confident turn in the central role….Sioned Jones dominates the play with a powerful and charismatic performance as the fiery George whose moods switch, in an instant, from much-loved character actor to foul-mouthed demonic monster.” ~ The Stage

“Sioned Jones is formidable as George – expertly showing the veneer of self confidence slip away to reveal George’s insecurity, and using fantastic comedic timing.” ~ Fairy Powered Productions

“Jones captures the blur between actor and long-embodied character exquisitely, embodying June’s aggression that covers her fragility.” ~ The play’s the thing

“Sioned Jones gives a striking portrayal of this woman, so caught up in the character she’s played for so long that its forcible removal from her life is genuinely jarring. She papers over the cracks with frou-frou fringes and gay jollity but Jones expertly lets the haunted realisation slowly encompass, right through to the deeply moving ending.” ~ Ought to be clowns